Ionic Lodge #31 A.F. & A.M.

1406 Wilmington Road, New Castle, DE 19720

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Ionic Lodge #31 A.F. & A.M.

P.O. Box 7240

Newark, DE 19714-7240

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A few members have expressed their desire to have our monthly Trestleboards sent to them via the U.S. Mail. For the most part, we distribute them via email and the internet. If you are reading this and want to be included in our monthly mailings, then please let us know. The lodge relies on email to distribute information quickly. By emailing our monthly Trestleboards, it reduces the expenses for printing and postage, which in the end saves you (the members) money by lowering our costs (lower costs means lower dues!). So please contact to have your email address added to our list.

Lodge Dues

Dues notices for the 2018 calendar year were recently mailed out. Please check the date on you membership card. If it does not say 2018, then you need to pay your dues. Please pay your dues on time to ensure that the lodge remains properly funded.

As many of you know, the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicle is issuing Masonic license plates. "MM tags" are available at a one-time cost of only $20 ($10 goes to Grand Lodge and $10 to DMV). This is an excellent opportunity to show you are proud to be a Mason. And did you know that a Freemason can have more than one tag? - one each for as many vehicles as he owns. From a personal perspective, I have found that my driving habits have improved knowing that I have a "MM tag" on the back of my cars. If you are a Delaware Freemason (or a PA, NJ, or MD Freemason living in DE) and would like information about getting a "MM tag", please contact the Secretary and he will provide you with the contact person's name and number. This is an excellent opportunity to show you are proud to be a Mason.

Masonic Plates from Delaware DMV

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Chartered November 4, 1950