How Do I Become a Freemason?

Ionic Lodge #31 A.F. & A.M.

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Thank you for your interest in Freemasonry! If you know someone who is a Freemason, then ask them about it. If you do not already know a Freemason who can vouch for you, then you will need to contact the Lodge Secretary to request a petition. Since you and the Lodge are currently strangers to each other, it will be necessary for you to meet with at least one of our Officers or members to deliver the petition to you. This will also provide an opportunity for us to get to know you better, and also allow you to ask questions of us. These will be the men who will sign your petition for membership, so it is important that everyone agrees that pursuing membership in the lodge is the right path.

After completing the petition and sending it to the Secretary, your petition will be read at our next (monthly) Stated Communication. An Investigating Committee will be appointed to meet with you later that month. The committee will also ask and answer questions that you and your family may have about Freemasonry. The yearly costs will also be discussed. The committee will report back to the Lodge prior to your petition being balloted upon the following month. If your ballot is unanimously favorable, then you will be contacted about receiving your first degree, called the Entered Apprentice Degree. Thus you path in Freemasonry will begin.

The above information is a good overview of the initial steps required to join our lodge. If this still sounds like something you want to pursue, please contact our Secretary via email to get things started.

Chartered November 4, 1950