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Email Phone Book

Below are email addresses for some of our lodge members (who are listed alphabetically by last name). Note that all email addresses now include the term "NO SPAM". This has been done to minimize the chances of solicitors sniping their email addresses. As such, you will need to remove the phrase "NO_SPAM_" from their email address when you send them a message, otherwise they will not receive it. Also, if you are looking to contact a memeber of Ionic Lodge #31 and do not see their name, please contact the Lodge Secretary directly.

- Ralph Allen
- Bruce Ashworth
- Steve Atchley
- Ben Belote
- Bill Calloway
- Mark Cuomo
- Don Dempsey
- Christopher Dent
- Tom Ferguson
- Charles A Galloway
- Bill Held, Jr.
- Bill Huxtable, Jr. PM
- Bryan Irwin
- Dale Irwin, PM
- George Johnson
- Skip Kates, Jr.
- Neal Lawson
- Gilbert Leigh
- Buck Lloyd
- John Maiorano
- Michael Matteo
- Harry Miller, Jr. PM
- Dennis O'Conner
- James F. Peterson
- Jefferey C. Phillips
- Jim Pratzner, PM
- John Rayias, PM
- Ron Reeder
- Chuck Simmermon, PM
- Thomas P. Simmonds
- Olin W. Slaughter
- Bob Stamp
- Mike Stevens
- James Stimeling, Jr.
- Eric Thompson
- Larry Towner
- Mike Villec
- Cortland Warrington
- Mark Warrington, PM
- Charlie P. Wolfe
- D. Edward Wright, PM

If you are a member of Ionic Lodge, and would like your email address added to the above list, then please send me a message with your address.

Thank you for visiting with us! Please come again.

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