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There can be an endless number of reasons to which a man feels he wants to become a Freemason. These intentions can be summarized with the eight categories of Tradition, Morality, Self-Improvement, Fraternity, Fellowship, Charity, Education and Leadership.  As a body of Freemasons, Ionic Lodge #31 strives to inspire and strengthen these core values within its members to develop them as individuals in addition to strengthening the Lodge as a whole.


For this reason, we pride ourselves in the inclusion of each of our officers and members in as much as they would like to offer, while keeping in mind each individuals opinion and point-of-view to further develop our everyday lodge-related activities. From the newest member to the Worshipful Master, each person's opinion shall be heard with equal regularity within the body of a Lodge.

As Masons, we can consistently be looking for opportunities to better ourselves - sometimes even without trying. Our principles can apply to occupations, friendships, communities and other social or occupational organizations.  All men are welcomed within our fraternity, of all faiths and walks of life. As long as they believe in a Supreme Being; God, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, etc., your presence within our organization will be welcomed.

As a Freemason you will be referred to as a "Brother" by your peers. This inclusion will allow admittance into any standing Lodge in the world. Each state in and territory of the United States has a Grand Lodge, the governing body within their state.  There are many subordinate lodges within each state, and around the world to which you would be welcomed to enter given the proper verbal and physical codes of admission.  Please click here to visit Delaware's own Most Worshipful Grand Lodge.

On social media, we are active in connecting with our fellow members. It is common to find regular postings of events that other members might interested in. It can be used for a singular salutation or a marketplace for Masons to sell items and ask their Brothers if they would like them first.  Some of these groups are private, but admission to them comes with the package.  You can visit the Brother to Brother Page, Ionic #31 Masonic Lodge Page and the Freemasons in Delaware Page. Other lodges within Delaware and elsewhere have their own specific pages to explore as well.

Ionic #31's regular communications are held the first Thursday of every month, in which we discuss the topics and events that will be happening in the coming days, which are open to any and all regularly initiated and good-standing Masons.  Please visit our Calendar of Events to view what will be on the agenda.  And if you feel as if you would like to join us on our journey, we wholeheartedly encourage you to contact us using the email listed below on this page.

We look forward to meeting you, Brother.

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