The idea of permanently preserving the Lodge's history began with Worshipful Master William F. Huxtable, Jr. (2003-2004).  It was required by his decree that all Past Masters record their work in the East and contribution to Ionic #31 during their year as summarized within a few paragraphs.

Past Master Edward H. Livermore (1950-1951) was able to start begin this lineage at the start of charter year of Ionic #31 in 1950.  From then on, each Worshipful Master of Ionic Lodge has written a small biography of themselves, and significant happenings within the Lodge.  This collection helps express and preserve the uniqueness and commonality each Worshipful Master shared within their time in the East.

To view this living document, please click or tap the button below to read the history in its entirety.  Each year this will be updated, reformed and republished to continue the legacy of the Lodge.

Below is a reel of all the Past Masters of the Lodge, beginning from Day One.

First Six Masters