Within Masonry as a fraternal body, our charities are based on integrity, kindness, honesty and fairness. As Freemasons, we are not only taught to practice charity and care towards our fellow Brothers, but also towards the community as a whole. Our charities aid in helping the care of orphans, the sick, our Masonic widows, and those fellow Brothers who are of ill-health or old age and more.

Ionic #31 participates in charities associated many different organizations, which aide in helping people from all walks of life.

If you would like to donate to us to help with our charitable doings, please click or tap the yellow donation button below.  As volunteering opportunities begin, they will be showcased here. Please check back to our webpage as it is updated!

If you, a loved one or friend would be interested in joining any of the below organizations, please feel free to explore them and discover their outstanding purposes. 

To donate to our cause, please send a check to our P.O. Box address, [text].

Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will certainly be recognized.  Please feel free to contact us at the email provided at the bottom of this page for any information.