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Throughout a Freemasons life, and time spent associated with the Fraternity, there are many opportunities for them to better themselves as Masons, husbands, friends, and people.  These opportunities can be as bountiful or as scarce as the individual seeks them out, but can yield fantastic rewards in both the physical and spiritual being.  Though Freemasons are not obligated to attend charities, fundraising events, and other types of good-will centered events, it is the transcendent embodiment of the craft that gives them their calling and purpose to do so.


Among the fraternity of people who donate their time an energy towards these events, there are specific individuals that through their actions have been praised as leaders of the craft through their service.  Ionic Lodge #31 is privileged to be the home, or co-home, of some of these individuals.  Below is a token of gratitude and emblem of thanks to those who have went above and beyond, and continue to evoke the true meaning of Freemasonry.

Ionic Distinguished Service Award

Charles P. Wolfe, Sr. (2007)

Dale T. Irwin, PGM (2010)

Ben Deeble Jr., PM (2011)

Fred Palmer (2012)

Charles L. Porter Jr., PM (2013)

Kenneth Weaver, Sr. PM (2014)

Dale M. Fernsler (2014)

John KcKenney Jr. (2015)

Giovanni Maiorano (2017)

Bud Skinner (2018)

Walt Fraser (2019)

Jay Alexander (2020)

Lee Irwin (2021)

Jim White (2022)

Ionic Grand Lodge Award of Honor

William A. Calloway (1993)

W. Bryan Irwin, PM (2007)

Dale Fernsler (2021)

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